National Patient Safety Awareness Week

As part of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, we asked Danny Blomquist, an occupational therapist at Resilience Home Health, for his top tips on keeping patients safe at home and common safety hazards that can be prevented.

Blomquist said that “minimizing the risk of falls is an important reminder for patients” and shared the following preventative measures that can be taken:

  • Use a proper assistive device (if it has been recommended) and make sure that your cane, walker, or other walking aid are easily accessible.
  • Wear proper footwear, such as shoes or slippers with rubber soles.
  • Remove loose rugs, excess furniture, clutter, and cords around the home as they can increase the risk for tripping and falling.
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting by using sensor lights at night. This can minimize tripping hazards while walking to the bathroom.
  • Install proper handrails in areas with stairs or install grab bars within bathrooms/shower stalls

Since the risk of falling increases as you age, these tips can help create a safer living environment all year long. At Resilience Home Health, we specialize in keeping our patients where they want to be – at home – and we work hard to provide exceptional care to reduce rehospitalization by understanding how to help patients with their medical needs and how they can continue living safely at home.

Categories: Health/Safety